Monday, August 18, 2008

I just found out about the affair.

I haven't been keeping tabs on John Edwards for months.

I saw Elizabeth on the cover of People Magazine today. That was the first I had heard of the affair. Maybe because I don't watch a ton of network news or read the paper. I didn't read the People magazine story. I came up with the worst case scenario as possible for both Elizabeth and John. I walked away in complete disgust.

I read the text of Elizabeth's statement at The Huffington Post.

I think her statement is beautiful. Her words about privacy, refrain from judgment, Tabloid Journalism and love made me instantly relax. Who am I to say that a future Presidents or elected Presidents can't have affairs.

The reality is they do. I can't argue with reality. I do not subscribe to morality that is perfect. However, when I am in a place of peace (and not straight irritation or disgust) I truly believe that when it comes to affairs of the heart no one can know what goes on between two people. I don't have to like it. When I hear people try to explain their love for another person I realize, they don't need to explain anything.