Saturday, September 29, 2007

Political Sabotage part 1

Some blogs are having fun accusing John Edwards of being a racist.

Like this blog: Gateway Pundit
and this blog: Dangney's Rant

But it seems to me these blogs are incorrect. It appears these blog are miss quoting. If you have listened to John Edwards full response you would know these blogs are taking things out of context. Are they spreading lies?

When people cry out "Doh! Racism!" they know that is a near leathal blow. It's like calling someone a rapist. So when you stand up and call someone out you better know what you are talking about.

When I call you out I know when something is not true and you say it anyway - It's a lie.

Where's my outrage?

Right here. Bring it on.

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Portland Demo said...

Thanks for starting the conversation.