Saturday, November 17, 2007

Edwards: Give The Power Back To The People

I do not view John Edwards' response as a "personal attack" on Hillary Clinton. Why are the people in the audience booing?

Without attacking the audience I can only assume that they are Hillary Clinton supporters who veiw anything in the way of a clear DISTINCTION between her and the other candidates as an attack.

Please discuss!

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tbone discussing said...

the boos were annoying when I watched this the other night and i remember wondering at the time if people were so self absorbed in the idea of a non white or non male American leader that logic has gone out the window

this for me only confirms my long suspicions that the American people don't get it

we want so badly to show the world we are progressive that we can't see past the ideology of symbolism

when will see past the curtain of power greed money

i hope it is in my lifetime
but i might have to settle for a female president in my lifetime instead

the trade off seems ignorant at best