Saturday, October 6, 2007

F@%K The Kennedy's

on AM620 KPOJ on Saturday's they broadcast a show called "Ring Of Fire" hosted by Mike Papantonio and Bobby Kennedy Jr..

New paragraph because I can't take it!


I was listening this morning on my way to work. Bobby Kennedy was rattling on about how he just looooves all of the candidates for President in the Democratic party.

"I'm supporting Hillary but I just love that Johnny Edwards..."

What a good ol' boy!

The Kennedy dynasty is like Vanity Fair. Completely self indulgent and fun to look at. I love looking at VF but I hardly ever read a whole article. I love listening to Bobby Jr. on the radio. Sometimes he has Arnold on and they talk about Maria. Jeeezus chrimmanie! I get sucked in.

Hilary is MORE OF THE SAME. She will not do what needs to be down in America. The Kennedy's have a legacy to protect. They love being royalty.

I love the Kennedy's but I can NOT abide by their shit!

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