Sunday, October 14, 2007

Grandma wants me to vote for Hillary

1. She would like to see a woman president before she dies.

This tells me she thinks she is only going to live for about 1.5 years. That is sad because I think she could kick around for at least 10 more years.

2. She doesn't think Mrs. Clinton would be all that bad.

Well I don't know about that. I am skeptical of her... more on that later.

3.She thinks it's more important to see a woman in office than a man whose policies are more in line with a progressive democrat.

I guess grandma is not a progressive. Hmm...

4. Grandma says she's worried about the republican spin machine ruining Ms. Clinton campaign.

If this is true, which i suspect it is, then I won't have to decide to honor my grandmother.


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niahaystack said...

what's interesting to me is that people are more inclined to have a leader with symbolism over a leader who might actually make it so your grandmothers children's children's children can actually even occupy this planet.

i will vote for the person who represents hope and solutions for the drastic, dyer straights we face as a world in the next twenty to fifty years.

decisions we make now will shape our survival as a species.

i wonder what the dinosaurs would have done with the internet

would they be extinct still?